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The Finding Healers Story


“Like Airbnb for the soul”.

Integrating Awareness into Our Lives

Our story starts with our co-founder Wade’s search for purpose in the midst of the pandemic. After quitting his job as a teacher, Wade felt adrift in his life and filled with uncertainty about his future. His search for meaning led him deep into South America, where he began a journey of self discovery, participating in traditional ceremonies and other healing modalities in the hopes of obtaining clarity. This quest for clarity left him with more questions than answers, and saw him embark further into the unknown filled with anticipation for more answers.

Over the course of his global journey, Wade constantly found himself wondering why there wasn’t an easier way for those in search of healing to connect with the healers they needed. His own search for meaning saw him discover many different spiritual practices - many for the first time - as well as a selection of alternative healing approaches. These coaches, practitioners and healers became friends who he trusted not only for their expertise but for their humanity and dedication to their craft.

Today the Story is Being Written in Bali

In his own words, Wade describes Finding Healers “like Airbnb for the soul”. Just like many of the other convenience apps that are in use today, which provide their users with access to everything from accommodation to transport, job listings and shopping, Wade's vision is that Finding Healers will become the go-to destination for individuals in search of ways to boost their healing, mental health and general wellbeing.


Today, Wade and Moreno are based in Bali, the wellness capital of the world, where they continue to expand the Finding Healers directory with the most highly recommended healers in the world.

A Turning Point in This Healing Journey

Before long, Wade realized that his journey had become the purpose he was seeking. This idea was validated when he met Moreno, a software engineer who was going through a break up when he approached Wade to ask for a recommendation of a coach or healer in Bali to help with his heartbreak and feelings of uncertainty. It was this fortuitous meeting that ignited the idea that Wade had to create a platform of healers.

Moreno had exactly the skills that Wade needed to bring his vision to life, and so they co-founded Finding Healers with the goal of connecting others like themselves to a growing network of healing and coaching professionals.

"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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