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Healing your mind and body with frequency healing

Sound healing can successfully be used as therapy for PTSD, anxiety and physical illness. Tuning into specific significant frequencies can assist with combating man-made Electromagnetic Frequencies that cause disease, disharmony and amplifying negativity.

sound healing. How to heal your mind and body with frequency healing.

Although it is called new-age wellness, sound healing is not a new method of therapy. The ancient Greeks employed music to treat mental illnesses, and sound has been used throughout history to help people work faster, influence, and increase morale. It is commonly thought that music has the ability to cure the body. This is due to the fact that people have a natural preference for sound treatment. Think about how a piece of particular music can improve your mood, or make you feel certain emotions. In this article we will unpack these thoughts and discover the potential effects that frequencies have on our minds and our bodies during therapy for PTSD, anxiety and physical pain.

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What is Frequency Healing?

For hundreds of years, scientists have been aware of the influence of sound on the human body. Scientific research has demonstrated that even inaudible high-frequency vibrations can have an influence on human brain function.

Similarly, holistic healers have realized that particular frequencies of sound have the power to control human awareness and even cause altered consciousness, as seen by the trance states generated by shamanic chanting and drum work.

The drumming vibrations that precede shamanistic trance activity demonstrate the ability to use sound frequencies to generate altered states of consciousness. Since ancient times, the Solfeggio frequencies have been connected with the creation of sacred music (including meditation music), which is considered to promote healing.

Healing and music have long been tied to religion and medicine in the form of Apollo, dating back to ancient Greece.

how does sound healing work?

How does frequency healing work?

The way frequency healing works is determined by the frequencies employed and the vibration or rhythm used. Sound therapy works at the molecular level by inducing genetic changes. In the case of high-frequency sound therapy cancer treatments, healing frequencies can even destroy the cellular walls of malignant growths.

On a therapeutic level, specific sound frequencies have been demonstrated to change brain and body functions in ways that lower stress levels and a higher self-healing immune response.

Higher vibrational frequencies are often employed for therapeutic reasons in alternative medicine since lower vibrational frequencies are supposed to induce discomfort, illness, and other negative consequences on the human body.

What are the Solfeggio frequencies?

The term solfeggio frequencies is used to refer to certain tones that can help heal different parts of the brain and body. Below is a list of the different frequencies and how they can impact our minds and bodies.

  • The 174 Hz. This frequency releases pain and heals sick auras. It can reduce back, lower back, foot, and leg pain. The 174 Hz also takes care of migraines and stress. It soothes brain tissues and evokes feelings of love, courage, safety, and reassurance. 174 Hz targets chakras and the healing parts of the body.

  • The 396 Hz. This sound helps is said to remove one from fear and guilt while also helping balance the root chakra to help you feel more grounded. It’s also known to turn grief into joy and give you the boost you need to help you reach your goals.

  • The 417 Hz. Listening to this sound is hailed for facilitating change on the physical level, including the physical body. It’s also known to help dissolve feelings of trauma as well as any emotional blocks. Some say it brings a new start to life.

  • The 432 Hz. This frequency targets your heart chakra. The tone soothes your soul and encourages mental and emotional clarity and openness. Listening to this tone can help with your spiritual growth.

  • The 440 Hz. This tone is also known as cerebral music. It massages your brain and soothes anxiety. The 440 Hz also strengthens your cognitive growth and awakens your third eye chakra.

  • The 528 Hz. This frequency may help promote miracles, clarity, and peace, as well as transformations like DNA repair. It’s often credited with helping to remove illness and disease. Called the “miracle note” and love frequency, it reportedly rids the body of any toxicity, ushers in love and confidence, and balances out both your heart and solar plexus chakras.

  • The 639 Hz. This frequency could help to heal and promote relationships and reconnecting. It’s said to produce positive feelings and encourage harmony and clear communication. It may also help you build a better relationship with yourself and help you reflect on what is most important to you.

  • The 741 Hz. Listening to this level of solfeggio frequencies is reportedly fantastic for finding various solutions while allowing you to fully express yourself truthfully and/or in new ways. It’s also rumored to improve emotional stability, allowing you the space and safety to tap into your intuition.

  • The 852 Hz. This frequency is said to help you connect to your intuition as well as the spiritual realms. Another perk? It might prevent you from overthinking and delving deep into negative thought patterns. As a result, your sense of self and inner strength are said to improve, and you reach a new level of energy and spiritual awareness.

  • The 963 Hz. This frequency wakes up your intuition and crown chakra. It’s a great way to raise your positive energy and vibrations. To look deeper within yourself, 963 Hz helps you better connect to your inner self and reach your highest vibrational state. In the right mood, you may even reach oneness and journey to the spiritual world. This frequency balances you out and also brings you to your original and perfect state.

Here is a visual example of how frequencies can change physical matter.

What are the benefits of healing frequencies?

There are many issues that healing frequencies are said to help alleviate. While there isn’t a ton of research to back up the benefits of sound healing, some of the most commonly reported benefits are:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Increased focus, concentration, and motivation

  • Improved confidence

  • Improved sleep

  • Better long-term memory

  • Deeper meditation

  • Lower cholesterol

In a number of applications, sound has been employed to cure the body. Sound has been shown over and again to have therapeutic benefits on the human body, from shamanic drumming used to positively channel altered levels of consciousness to hypersonic cancer therapies. Aside from physically mending the body, sound healing has a tremendous power to create good psychological effects in the human mind.


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